Why IZTECH Mathematics?

Why IZTECH Mathematics?

  • Undergraduate Program Curriculum - Our education plan requires a strong mathematical background and allows students to graduate by taking technical elective courses in line with the subjects they are interested in and specializing in certain fields.
  • Undergraduate Graduation Project - Each undergraduate student gains the experience of independent research, study, report writing and oral presentation on a topic of interest, under the supervision of a faculty member in the department, within the scope of the "Scientific Research Project".
  • Minor Certificate - Students who successfully carry out the undergraduate program in the mathematics department are given the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in another branch of interest.
  • Double Major Diploma - Students who successfully carry out the undergraduate program in the Department of Mathematics are given the opportunity to study simultaneously in order to receive a second degree in a second major.
  • Education language is 100% English.
  • The ECTS Diploma Supplement - An additional document to the diploma and helps the relevant international institutions and organizations in the recognition of diplomas and degrees obtained from abroad.


  • Erasmus - Undergraduate and Postgraduate students can study at universities with which agreements are made abroad within the scope of Erasmus Learning Mobility.


  • Postgraduate Education - The possibility of scientific study and research at an international level in a qualified and dynamic academic environment.