International Agreements

International agreements make important contributions to gaining international university culture, experience and cooperation of our students and lecturers, as well as increasing the international recognition of the department in research and education activities. There are different levels of international agreements in the department.


The Erasmus program is a European Union project that encourages the cooperation of higher education institutions and students and academics to gain experience in different countries and universities within the framework of this cooperation for a short time. The Erasmus program has been started to be implemented with the aim of increasing the quality of higher education in the fields of education, training, internship, voluntary work, youth and sports.

IZTECH - Department of Mathematics Contracted Universities

Croatia University of Split TR IZMIR03-HR SPLIT01
Latvia University of Latvia TR IZMIR03-LV RIGA01
Poland Politechnika Gdanska TR IZMIR03-PL GDANSK02
Romania University of Pitesti TR IZMIR03-RO PITESTI01


Mevlana Exchange Program is a program of student and teaching staff exchange between higher education institutions providing education in the country and higher education institutions providing education abroad. It is a program of national origin and is supported by the Council of Higher Education. Unlike other exchange programs, the mobility within the exchange program includes higher education institutions worldwide, regardless of any geographical region.

o Other International Agreements